Thursday, May 30, 2013

Occupy Something Beautiful and Absorb It, a personal political action

Occupy Something Beautiful and Absorb It (video link)

This is a video, a poor one, indeed, and a rich one all the same: document of a personal political action, a step I had to take to re-access how I am living. Several captures of bio-luminosity. photographic, somatic, pigments pressed into paper. The drawings I am currently working evolve from the process of using all sensory data to "depict" the synergy of the situation. The drawings are therefore neither wholly abstract nor strictly representational in the traditional visual sense of representation. I am extending into specific locations an aspect of visual art work begun in Berlin and Liege, Belgium and first presented as "Anatomies of the Invisible," in which I attempted to draw the inside of my own organism without breaking my own bodily surfaces. Just as the human body is a complex of systems that connect and involve one another with great subtlety, so I see in the forest also a deeply interwoven ecological system where the orders and appearances that seem accidental reveal themselves to be driven by intentions that are not my own but which can become part of my intentionality if I permit that to happen. The drawings therefore occasionally seem to represent recognizable species of animals and plants but they also generate mutations, mutant forms, forms in which one can catch glimpses of intermediary species that could have been or might yet be. In doing so, I am engaging in a different form of creativity, one involving the hidden processes of what I tend to call "the perfect mess".  More on thart later...

further imagery deriving from this action :

My work seems increasingly devoted to using the internet (somehow) to open up a means to local synergies by permitting access to reflection of minute, constant, observable structural change from a naturalist perspective described very effectively by Peter Warshall in his inspiring recent talk, just before his death. How late I am to come to this amazing person and what a pity he is already gone before I could thank him. The lecture is called Enchanted by the Sun.

Enchanted by the Sun

I pay particular attention to the relationship between perception and creation, reception and production.

I have published some thoughts and reflections about the idea of the microcosmic and macrocosmic systems inter-dependance in this my own weekly report video, starting at the 16 minute mark.

Saturday Night at the Villa dei Misteri, Week 4

Yaje, is the name I have recently learned for a kind of intelligence dwelling in the forest, access to which is permitted, I find, not only through drinking the Ayahuasca concoctions, but through localized meditation and observation: it is the place or space where you can start to feel the interconnections between all things, all events. I hope you get a chance to go there and meet with interested and innneresting unknowns.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sojourner by Lee Foust, reviewed by me

I've had the pleasure of reading some of these tales, poems and rants repeatedly over the years and watching them amass here and finally be published is a great relief in that a voice releases itself in many voices and the opportunity emerges for everyone to find them in one place opening up into many places and yet held within one's firm grasp as the ride throws you back and forth. It's the grasp of the many idioms here, not alone the languages, that feels along the borders of cities and meets you inside their crumbling and struggling human fortresses, the lapidary leaping over many walls, the scrapes with junkies, the search for homes, the foreigner inside the self, and the nooks in which loves are found, destroyed, scattered, pieced back together, never ever to be whole again, but humanly capable of taking the next step, after all. "Ash Wednesday" comes first to mind as a frightening, erudite sociological horror story about both cultural alienation and rivalry set in some nearly Medieval Venetian snare that symbolizes all too cannily contemporary intrigue. It would take too long to comment on the many other texts and their fascinating temporal oneiric convolutions and deflective humorism so I prefer to cite the opener I have here to hand. "I dreamed I lay in an opium den in the Mission District/of San Francisco last night, drinking a bottle of Scotch/I fell asleep and was awakened/by a belligerent gang of teenagers spoiling for a fight/Instead of fighting/I threw a roll of sourdough bread onto Valencia Street/An ugly water glass fell over and smashed/all of my delicate and beautiful champagne and martini glasses/Then I had to pay up and go home." Such are the illusions of traveling, not to mention of being seduced by the dream of living, abroad, anywhere, when one has to continually deal with catching the bus back to the bed inside one's own head. Think about it: one persons "abroad" is another person's home. Then you take that trip from which you never can return. -JG

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"respect": jeff gburek & tetuzi akiyama. cd published by spectropol records, seattle, usa

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"respect", jeff gburek & tetuzi akiyama
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