Saturday, March 29, 2008



1)Noise is centrifugal, not centripital. There can be no consensus on Noise. Noise moves away from all centers of identification. There will always be more Noise than one can listen to. Inappropriateness is the priority of Noise.

2)Mothers against Noise(M.A.N.)is most likely a creation of the publicity department of Village Youth ltd., a NYC based corporation involved in bringing noise in line with corporate marketing standards for decades.

3) Noise is not an object (nor an objective) but rather a complex of occasions. One cannot be a Noisicean for the very same reason musicians are not in control of muses. One controls a vehicle for delivery but not what it carries: who can tell the truck-load of chickens when to cluck? Noise cannot be shaped.

4) One is at the mercy of noise. Noise is not always heard. While it is true that the largest of our noises tend to be noticeable socially, there is also another level to Noise that is infra/super/sonic. Our bodies are carriers of this noise. Noise is deeper than any throat.

5) Noise is a method of displacement of energy. Like the calm of the storm, it is only temporary. Noise cannot survive. Noise is anxious about nothing. There are no devices that record/register Noise.

Jeff Gburek

June 26, 2006

Berlin, Allemagne



Theses on Noise

I What the fuck is Noise? Precisely because of its indeterminacy noise is the most sensuous human activity / practice. To try to fix it or to make it a genre is as fucked up as believing in democracy.

II If you make noise it is likely that somebody else is going to hear you,
this means Noise is a social activity.

III The capacity to make Noise is available to all, but its revolutionary
potential comes from those who want to disturb the commodification of
Noise - as M.A.N point out in their website

IV To say “this is good Noise” or “that is bad Noise” is to miss the point.

V Noise without meaning nor finality is revolutionary as long as it does
not support anything or anybody.

VI This is not to say that Noise under capitalism can be an autonomous
activity. But if neither language nor bombs help you to destroy our
reality, Noise helps us to get rid of our anxiety.

VII It is more important to fuck the minds of the audience than to fuck your
ears - and vice versa.

VIII The identity process that occurs as people are making Noise must be
constantly rejected. To be a “Noisician” is even more pathetic than to
be a “musician”.

IX Factory workers in the previous centuries have indirectly been the most
sustained and brutal players of Noise. Recognition of our past should
always be present.

X Economic exploitation still occurs, even if now the production of Noise
does not produce an object. The process of Noise making has in itself
become the object of financial and symbolic market value.

XI The old conception of noise was to believe in freedom, the new
conception of Noise is to achieve freedom.

Mattin 25th May 2006, London Anti-Copyright


all sounds being singular and unrepeatable, every sound must in fact be improvised. improvised, in this sense, must mean that there is something in the event of sound that is unforeseen. a sound in which the unforeseen happens. the improvised is the imprevised, the imprevisible. even the sounds in a composed sequence will, if slowed down or sped up, either in actual execution or through manipulation of a recording, will reveal the instabilities and stabilities that return to each sound this crisis of the border.

the improvised has a profile in the unforeseable and therefore the invisible of a therefrom or unto

that which we call the silence

that which i call the stone