Saturday, March 29, 2008



1)Noise is centrifugal, not centripital. There can be no consensus on Noise. Noise moves away from all centers of identification. There will always be more Noise than one can listen to. Inappropriateness is the priority of Noise.

2)Mothers against Noise(M.A.N.)is most likely a creation of the publicity department of Village Youth ltd., a NYC based corporation involved in bringing noise in line with corporate marketing standards for decades.

3) Noise is not an object (nor an objective) but rather a complex of occasions. One cannot be a Noisicean for the very same reason musicians are not in control of muses. One controls a vehicle for delivery but not what it carries: who can tell the truck-load of chickens when to cluck? Noise cannot be shaped.

4) One is at the mercy of noise. Noise is not always heard. While it is true that the largest of our noises tend to be noticeable socially, there is also another level to Noise that is infra/super/sonic. Our bodies are carriers of this noise. Noise is deeper than any throat.

5) Noise is a method of displacement of energy. Like the calm of the storm, it is only temporary. Noise cannot survive. Noise is anxious about nothing. There are no devices that record/register Noise.

Jeff Gburek

June 26, 2006

Berlin, Allemagne


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