Wednesday, May 23, 2018

For Sun Ra's Astro Black Birthday, 104 Hidden Spheres Dance of the Cosmo Aliens, This Day Was Brought To You By Being Alive

 Astro Black (music link)

 in other worlds the sun also rises in different regions new quadrants spin lattices of regenerative communication jazz tips the tongue off scattering moths and top-hats whole civilizations pulled out of a mosquito glee club comes with a caravan nudged outta mud by dedicated elephants dating back to when all the protists gathered under the toe nail of the reptilian dove whose coo coo sent your shoes on fire and the synthesizer drones discuss in the sky espied lonely planet guides being written on the backs of the exploited penal colonialist and the squeal of the squabbly seals those aspirant angels in their own fossil fiction forming my future maybe yours because inside what we say there's an ear
unicorns... I come from the land of unicorns... there is danger in the land of unicorns my friends, your brothers and sisters, their horns removed, their wings heavy as lead, their back beaten with the saddles of burden... let us help shake their manes free...
 though I have come very far to this alien land, I have come through an alien land, and alien among aliens, adrft and adroit, all at once, with the power of long periods of movement in my limbs. yet an alien whose language not merely of words but of strange sounds born the one's my motherfathertransparentals learned me up from root-works in the horns of the worms that bring the robin joy to be eaten by the hawk. i see the new when the new are born therefore with the marks of our travel and those mushrooms grow on either side of the head of many lobes to listen dearly deeper digging and diving down under your aquaphones spiraled molluscular gently goes your jetty rear officer smithson down to dust of smithsonian ressurection: high fives or sixes meet your freed slaves feed selves free salves to balm the nation of point missers cutting themselves in vain to reach out to others or the god they'd put to shame that ain't watching
 galaxies, worlds, how many flip from the fingers like tears of vishnu dry-docked viking ice-wings condensing liquid oxygen, how many words flicked from fingers fire-crackers over somewhere's rainbow blown bits of asteroid forest depleted the coal resources of the van allen, who puts a comet in the fuel tank affixed venus cowries on the design of mayan kabbalah & throat sings lava & has anyone dared ask how the fourth arm grew from the fingers'fingers (that warrant no typo, Joe, you gotta believe, Steve, you better not ignore the aura comes in folds poems reaction-cores love gone wild beyond styles wherein even the dug graves turn themselves inside out and the ghosts of my loves haunt the words the tones & let the earth play me the instrument of her peace, no time for the legislation, the bills, the worries or flurries of filibuster doubt-drunk tools of the state, wake up stumble out your slumber and cup the photons in your green palms and drink the air fresh from the heart of the matter
 after-thoughts, post-thoughts

inside what we discuss there's an ear. when you say nothing, it's not a sign of listening deeply. this will all sound dumb at first. many ways possible. dear friends without poetry: wish you poetry, wish you the wishing well, wish you logic to convert irrationality to blossom and groove, why does the water cling to the glass, the harmony of transparency begs wonder, this will all sound dumb at first, that won't be much consolation until the outline forms of the daemon dressed in photosynthetic gowns strike the strike anywhere match and lights the glow out-lasting firstness for these are the poems, look at them 

bleeding on sheets bleeding on streets bleeding on parchment on the white shirts of beginning with nothing keep the blood locked within and convert the angel otherness trip to time, scatter grammar, I'm not being rude, but the manners of the mannered don't matter when eyes lie daily, there is no message for society, no lesson to learn except to be siempre less and unlearn studiously. we can teach no one who burns not within themselves to aspire, so leave the likes of the public in the publick urinals and flow through frames and blame the names of deep state hate spreading the disease of I can't do anything but smoke, drink, eat junk and wait. a penny for your thoughts, a dollar, a 500 euro bill, a pocket for your thoughts, a new onslaught, a grotto for the turtles holding up the earth to chill, look & see what's in the ice and imagine what paths have been leading up to you on the top of it all as you skim cream of the crop
 these are poems come down not out of orpheus of cocteau and the dead-pan forest of sexual mourning: you never had a place in society but by the margins, called heyoka, you will not thrive in their offices for your office is within the effort of your tool to cut diamond and spread pollen between the keyboards & sprachgitter whose veils these words wear unto devastation. these are the found feathers of your years combined into the one wing in search of the prayer that unites your other to the marriage of seed to blossom that turns gravity into levity; the ground full of air that bubbles auspicious aroma & care
 did it matter once that he or she did not see you, then nor now?
then enjoy the magic invisibilty and walk between all desires
where the wind whistles songs no human ear avows.
blend your hands with the sage-brush smoke of the fire.
see that one, Venus, whose path alone is clear, the educator
let it be known how slowly any knowing evolves,
keepsake revolutionary voices, let memory grow loud,
anticipate action vine-stronger than speech or scripture bear
 listen to some music played by a band that lives forever
  lived by a band that plays forever
 your bands don't know how to play forever? 
  but forever is a standard... like mary had a little lamb... 
whose fleece was like, forever...

  Other Music I've enjoyed listening to recently:
Manrico Montero (RIP)
Tatsuya Nakatani, live video at Silo

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