Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wave Propagation//Resonance// Off the Grid Listening

     "without vision one sees only this world"
       -- john wieners

   thanks to charles whittaker for the reminder.
the reminder goes a long way towards reclaiming the idea of vision, snatching it from the materialist concept of just imagining things could be different. many are the theories and critiques of capitalism, for example. but no plan emerges from all the bickering about how to create a new system. this is where the problem of lacking vision comes into play. without a vision the idea of a new plan itself flounders in variation and when the variations don't satisfy us an new enough, there's a falling back, degeneration, depression

  but i have an alternate plan. i realized something out on my walks today.

  sometimes there's a feeling of wanting to delve deeply into experience, a sense of fascination or beauty, a curiosity for what is unknown, the science of which is more gnostic than objective. and the medium I find most accessible is the practice of stillness while listening and widely taking in the environment helps to create a stronger resonance of the person and place through a propagating of concentration. i will have more to say later about this bilateral wave propagation, and the manner in which it perhaps creates what is normally thought of as external and pre-disposed towards being, but later, when the time is right. for the moment, i am concerned with how to cultivate this practice. off the grid listening is what i am all about here.

the tree speaks *see note below

    when something is interesting, fascinating, unusual, intriguing or unknown, the sense of curiosity guides us toward making connections with these entities that attract our attention. it must be that they are intrinsic to ourselves or already resonate and summon us towards them and vice versa. the search for a communicable plane of transcendence in the medium of sound and vision has been a huge part of my daily life for many years now. the desire to expand perceptions and awareness of the beings we share the planet with has been my preoccupation. the idea of an inter-species communication (not a language, but a communication). the medium dawns to me through the art of improvisation and the spontaneous aspect of butoh's immediatist and materialist shamanism, where the body is the spiritual vehicle and perception the ultimate vessel of transformation, which has also deep roots in yogic and tantric backgrounds. when i do my work it can be with instruments or without any set ups or parameters. my first goal is to guide myself into the space between the known strata of cultural meanings and dwell in this capacitance zone between charges of physical energies. the desire to go deeper has it's price in terms of time. one must take on the gradient of evolutionary forces beyond the normal frames dictated by ideologies of business. and yet, this does not mean the sense of the eternal is not accessible in small frames of time. we only need to access the consciousness of our continuum. when one wants to go further into the heart of matter, one becomes frightening or unbearable to many others in human society, because the slower gradient symbolizes the pace of the nature which moves with inexorable slowness or sudden spasmodic energy. both unpredictable. and is not also true that the deepest experience of material existence is when we lose the grasp of the ego-consciousness and approach our own transformation into our constituency of particles and approach the horizon of death? this too is the source of the fear in some to the work of slowing down the pace. but there is no danger for those who experience and understand their limits as these limits emerge.

we go into the "sense" of indifferentiation as limitrophe
experience/aside and what is found rendered to intelligibility
 the neutrality of the binding causes
we appear when best trying to disappear
the notion of civilization returns to me when i feel most
in contact with what civilization leaves unregarded

In this film, the wave propagations of that particular concentrated form.

Video of Wave Propagation Study, Rusałka

 * The tree stump in the photo "spoke" with the voices of two or more Eurasian blue tit chicks. I was unable to see them but after some minutes of observation the parent birds arrived on the scene with worms and other delicacies. For a long time they would not descend to the stump's mouth and I had an intuition it was perhaps because I was too near and indeed when I withdrew a few meters more, they made their air-drop of food supplied to the youngters inside.


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