Friday, June 8, 2018

Rabbits: Soundscapes in homage to Z'ev with bonus track dedicated to Louis Sarno


   Introducing Rabbits, a percussion-oriented, textural soundscape album, very well experienced with headphones. Beware, some of the things you hear may actually be in the recording even though it seems like they should not be there.

   Sounds heard in these acousmatic compositions are hybrid: objective field recording, interactive field recording (where the recordist enters from beyond the 4th wall, introducing live personal sound), improvised on-site percussion performances (for no audience, until now) and radio captures, re-sampled voices. While on tour in Bruxelles, Louvain-le-Neuve, Liege, Lille, Paris, I began some of my recordings rather consciously in homage to Z'EV --Wiki on Z'EV -- who had died on December 16, 2018 the actions in some sense constituting memorial service, pushing the spirit of found-object tribal percussion into immediate inspiration. Back at home, in my studio, I added chants, accents and counter-points. When I realized there was an actual album developing, it was Chinese New Year, almost 2 months after Z'EV's death. I noticed he too was sign of the Rabbit, hence the title. The two figures on the cover are from my personal collection of percussion designs, works in progress. The album includes also field recordings from Gdansk, Dublin, recorded by myself, and Bali (mixed into Rabbits 3), sent to me by Anastasia Nia Arkhangelskaya. Special thanks to Thibault Delferiere for organizing the concert at Ateliers del la Baraque, where the metal platforms and stairways gave rise to the first layers of the Rabbits material. 

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 Process Statement

   The idea that the arrow of time moves in the direction of the always new, and the never again, stays with me while composing, as an improvisation ethos, rendering the balance between them as a danced fulcrum, the tip (of the hat) to counter gravities, on either side of the rainbow. It's the wobble that creates the tension, whether that be with pure ideas sketched into linguistic signs, digital triggers or pure actions improvised with variable or destiny-factored intention. The aim of time is to be true to the evolving effort of both my assemblage itself and the messages hidden inside the assembly of sound energies surging into the field of composition. All of it there for you to find, alone. There is something sacred and sacrificial in the ritual of banging out the count, whether that be on some atomic clock or on one's own medicine drum, desk or petrol tank. Something in doing what must amount to the thing rendered as one's own. Resonance is the aim.
I'm up for the count, as much as I'm down for it.

News Flash, June 8! : I've decided to add to RABBITS
as bonus track recorded in 2017 in honor or the life and works of Louis Sarno, since the instrumentation is akin, although Tape Runs Out for Louis Sarno is a studio piece. Only those who purchase the album will be able to hear it on the bandcamp album page but the Soundcloud version will remain posted until further (or disappear without) notice  ;)

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