Friday, June 8, 2018

Tape Runs Out for Louis Sarno

from Louis Sarno's Facebook page

News Flash, June 8! : I've decided to add to RABBITS bandcamp album Rabbits a bonus track recorded in 2017 in honor or the life and works of Louis Sarno remembered here by Jim Jarmusch. Sarno's recordings of the Bayaka Pygmies' music and their lives in the rainforest created a whole new approach to the idea of field recording for me, inspired deeper, broader listening, and revealed the role of music & sound in daily life among the people. Since the underlying percussive instrumentation of RABBITS is akin, it seems in keeping with the spirit, although Tape Runs Out for Louis Sarno is in fact a home studio piece, with no field recordings, no sounds from the environment, except the environment of the sounds. Only those who purchase the album will be able to hear it on the bandcamp album page but this Soundcloud version will remain posted until further (or disappear without) notice  ;)

yes, me again :)

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