Sunday, September 10, 2017

About the Perpetual Motion of People into Unknown Phases

About the Perpetual Motion of People into Unknown Phases
for Chris Barron, Charles Whittaker, Stephen Ellis

I wanted to try to say something just in terms of life being put together by moments indeterminate 
in themselves growing steadily more seemingly determined by a choice of steps

Starting out how to say, just let by-gones go bye-bye, waves across the wide bay
ever so seemingly hypocritical, I can't chase and be free

It would be too great an effort to stand in this wind, 

to the plastic schrapnel, the bones that hit me
too rotten to pierce with pleistocene acuity the thoughts of flippant spanners

Browser seems like such a lazy word. Our minds not uploading apparently.
Sooner or later they will be unable to dig tunnels without encountering other tunnels

Subterranean grumblings, war bubbles, rising waters 

& wish you will the breach was not
nor within such red anthills poke your hobbling third leg of legend (had you once)

Don't fuck the with past and don't fuck futures either please stop fucking fuck with fuck
while they stiff with ears offer applause for the unruly downfallen

Our wings surprise horizons shrouded volute grain scatter and cascade
these sheets of leaves written within eras of compression open

Is there any light on in the retrobotteghe that reaching the front stores reversal
Lovely the dark so be it the sound of convertibles whizzing by

Another ambulance within who drives the winning against the clock/

 might advantage the battery outwitting energy but time itself a rock

Within my earth are many broken twists and turns rejoined to essential losses
those mending the total never seen but outlasting back and forth

Double bar double double bar loop of enduring spin
without infinite repeat the complete will remain search for one last over

Appended I, finally

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