Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Entitled Imagery (Rubedo)

reminded one late night of the moon the voice of remaining a freak against the norm
the expression of the varieties of psyche the stories to be told an the stories to be untold in the service of personal liberation in order to help others from the selfless place of concern.

there is no god out of mind just as there is potentially mindless god everywhere we can't know and god is in the mind either with good reason or with other reasons that maybe are not reasons at all but just the facts (both western and eastern traditions recognize this). humans don't know that they don't know god because mostly they have given up trying or invented an egological excuse based on an ideology that positioned their egological parasite to make sense in the system of values in terms that works for them socially. cool. but it doesn't always work for me because socially speaking people still make really bad mistakes based on self-service ideologies rooted in the enlightenment forms of social philosophy that rely on an exploited human resource or slave economy. and they make people suffer and they waste resources. (I consider enslavement and exploitation to be linked to something more primordial than class-conflict on the human level. to this extent, I am not really a humanist while I don't have any affinity with vulgar nietzscheanism and misanthropy. people are here. we absorb nutrients from the environment. we should be willing to pay it back or lessen our withdrawal. as seems intuitive.

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