Thursday, September 14, 2017

Perfectly Imperfect Curtains Turned

   I urge you one last time to reconsider. You can feel the wind in the room, the curtains are moving in  the draft and a door slowly closes. Think of what it must be outside.  --  John Ashbery

 Perfectly Imperfect Curtains Winds Joined Together

 That was the title I gave to Marco Lucchi for this series of conjoined yet subtly discrete improvisations performed on acoustic guitar (which you can listen to by clicking on this text) one morning when I was immobilized by pain in the sacrum region. As it was imagined for one of Marco's many generous, open-call collective projects, this one called Some Perfect Curtains, I was wrapped up in the imagery that these words themselves provided me poetically, as some drapery or veil, some curtains my windows here do not have, and then found myself playing as if I could see these curtains forming shapes as if stirred by winds. Something of pure inspiration in that. Marco's concept for the compilation was to have the piece composed as if a perfect final track (final curtain) to an imaginary album. Then I discovered, on this day, that it was the day John Ashbery passed away. The imaginary wind in the room then took on a more ghostly character, such that engraved the sounds with different significance, although the listener is not obliged to pay any attention to such elements of self-hypnotism the artist employs to get him or herself to move forward on an uncertain path. Shortly afterward, I wrote a score to describe the ideas that had been rippling through my mind into the fingers.

                            score to play only imperfect curtains
                            seen only by the wind
                            seen only by the mind
                            that stirs them in the score
                            to play the data ripples
                            with ever the wind to feel
                            no potential moment at rest
                            seeing nothing...
                            wind that stirs (them)
                            mind that stirs
                            alone who they are 

                          I urge you to think of what must be outside...

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