Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Dinner Dyadic

A Dinner Dyadic

A restauraunt
tells a certain story
about food
to the person
eating it, a sauce
of discourses & condiment
accompany the raw
or cooked fable
and one can’t tell a convinced
Emperor his new
clothes are not
in fact fine.

But the one outside
the restaurant, the one not eating this narrative
eats instead a silence
surrounding it all
and adds salt from memory,
speculative pepper, deducing
in the heat,
sensing something’s not quite right,
knowing she’s not sure what.

Upon the window of the restaurant,
a code of sweat pearls
or maybe it just rained.
On one side the rain-drops are flat
against the plane of the glass.
On the other side they bulge out,
round and fat.

Konin, Polska

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