Saturday, November 5, 2011

perfecting, withstanding, inoperative, grace

precision, virgilian candelabra, thrust of the evaginated relic
hoist within the cauliflower, coffee-flower
fathoming a lark's tongue
an acrid

more into the weeping depths the mourner plunges
ever on the gaps and tremolos
fruited and fruitless murmurs grow
and still the web gently fingered trembles
into the crumbling wharf of the tree
extended darkly into darker waters

not without puss, snoring, sputters or wormed turntables spinning
incantible dribbles and tokes
mensural smears and a pinned-down clamoring
not without rails untenanted, mossies here and there
and sandwiches fragmentarily

bonsai at whatever rate
it unfolds
the leaf around which
its tail turns

and of course it doesnt make sense,
the phone won't work, too far from civilization, i guess.
i should have access soon

precision, the incidental incursion
perfecting, withstanding, inoperative


july 29, 2009

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